2020 Tournament schedule;  We will be continuing our very popular HAPPY GILMORE TROPHY SERIES TOURNAMENT all season. Come play golf the Gilmore way. Run up tee shots (at least 3 steps), hockey stick putts, monthly, lowest score for 1 round [(6) holes] trophies. Please check our players gallery for past winners.

Happy Gilmore entry fee $5.00 under 18 yrs. old $10 over 18 yrs. old $ 5.00 over 62 yrs. old. These tournament fees are not covered by any and all passes. “Happy Gilmore” monthly winners will all be eligible to be the season champion at season close and be awarded the coveted “Happy Gilmore” plaid Brown’s River Championship shirt or hat.


Other tournaments include the BROWN’S RIVER NORTH SOUTH TOURNAMENT SERIES  Play on the North team against the visiting Brown’s River South Team from New Hampshire. Tour to New Hampshire to play the South team on their course.

The “Sponsor’s Day Tournament” that pits our generous sponsors against each other. Great fun! Please check with us about sponsoring a hole for all or part of the the season. A great way to get your name “in play”

We are continuing our “Flick and Kick” (ARR) play. Flick and Kick is the only real disc golf. Played on the golf course, you flick a Frisbee until you land on the green, then you turn it over and kick it toward the flag stick until you hit it. Real disc golf! Par 4 on all holes.

Flick and Kick Fees are the same as golf ($10.00 Day Pass) or Season or Life time pass required. This sport is offered on a limited schedule. Reservation for tee and play is required. A best of season tournament is in play every time you play this alternative golf sport.

Please go to our Photo Gallery page for photos of these activities.


Private and charity tournaments as well as school tours are available at low cost, no cost. Please contact us for open dates. We also offer special low cost golf tournament play to all sport leagues ( golf, baseball, basketball, bowling, etc.) who wish to cross play and hold regular and tournament play games at the course.

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