We do not offer refunds of any fees or costs paid by guests that are ejected from the property.

Season and lifetime passes bought for the next season before scheduled opening day will be refunded if we decide not to open for the coming season.

No refund of Day Pass fee.

Refunds of Season Pass fee are not offered in the event we close the season early after opening day. Our passes are so reasonable that players basically get their cost worth on the first day of play.

Failure of the Season Pass holders to not use their pass on or after opening day does not qualify for a refund.

Lifetime Pass holders are not eligible for any fee or costs refunds unless and in the event that we do not open for the season for which the pass was to be used for the first time. Our passes are so reasonably priced that the purchaser basically gets their moneys worth with the first play.

Also, the conditions of play placed upon a Lifetime Pass (Good for the life of the holder or the life of the course) do not permit a refund if the course closes (early or on time) and does not reopen.

Failure of the Lifetime Pass holder to not use their pass on the first or second days of opening, or there after, does not qualify them for a refund.