Daily Notes

Aug. 27 th.

*The 2019 season is going great. Let’s hope it runs long  ( past Nov. 1st.) to make up for the late start.

*Lessons are appointment only .  Walkin students may ask for a lesson and we will try to honor these requests.

*We have visited Brown’s River South twice this season.  A North / South tournament was  held at the South course on July 6th resulting in a draw. We are anticipating the South team to tour our course in late Sept. to wrap up this season’s tournaments.

*The course in great shape, still plenty of time to come and make that great shot you can talk about all winter.

*At this date we offer Season Passes for $20.00 good for the next 10 weeks, or Daily Passes for $10.00 (play all day). Life time Passes are $100.00.

*We were toured today by  many of Mount Mansfield High School’s freshman class. A great school, and very respectful and pleasant students! A good looking class with pleasant and professional staff members accompanying them. We were proud to have them visit and look forward to their next tour here. MMU should be very proud of this group!.

Let’s Play!