Daily Notes

May 14th 2022

We are open for private play. The course fairways are high due to the need to prevent a brown out because of the unseasonably hot weather. The greens are spotty/dry.. We await some soaking rain to reseed the greens. Hole six is closed due to parked cars in the driveway being susceptible to sliced tee shots from the #6 tee box. Players should play hole #4 again after #5 to get in 6 holes per round. The restroom is open behind the club house.

Note: Our course welcome banner is down to be repainted, exposing our Trump Campaign sign for the upcoming 2024 election, and will be back up as soon as it is done. We are not working within the campaign at this date, but we do not feel we need to take down the Trump sign while the course banner is being restored to appease anyone’s  opposition to the former President.

We are not political/special interests fanatics, we are conservatives,and we allow the controversy and  consequences of the recent past election to inform as to the state of our union and who would be best suited to lead us out of the current damage and drama..

Anyone offended by the sign while it is uncovered should remember that we are a private course and they should simply not ask to be invited to play. We believe in free speech (what’s left of it in this country) and we do not have time to debate who would serve our country best as our next leader with our opposites. That discussion will begin in a few short months.

WARNING  Please note that our entire personal and course property enjoys the security of video coverage, so let’s not have any  criminal vandalism deceitfully done in the name of protest.

Please note that all play must be requested by phone @ 802-752-6541. and anyone invited to play should familiarize themselves with our rules/policies by visiting our website  Brown’srivergolf.com

Let’s Play!