Daily Notes

June 30 th.

*The 2019 season is going to be a great season. Let’s hope it runs long  ( past Nov. 1st.) to make up for the late start.

*Lessons will be appointment only starting June 22nd.  Walkin students may ask for a lesson and we will try to honor these requests.

*We had a visit from the owners of Brown’s River South on Sun.  A North / South tournament was discussed and we agreed to the first one of the season being held at the South course on July 6th.

*With as many as 24 players between the two courses we have found it very difficult over the years to have a date that works for all (or even most).  This year a date will be set and all who can be available for that date will play, others that are unavailable on the date of the first tournament can play the next one here or there.We anticipate holding at least 3 North / South tournaments this season.  Check here for tournament updates.

  • This month’s charity donations go to The Boys and Girls Club. Please help us help them to help the boys and girls.