Daily Notes

June 7th 2023

We are operating this season as Private/public. All play is reserved. NO DRIVE INS/WALK INS/COLD VISITS. Please call at the course 802-849-6301 or our cell at 802-556-3221 (BEFORE 9PM) for tee times.  We are fully open and had a great pre-season opening week welcoming many new  daily, seasonal and lifetime players to the course. The course is high/dry and patchy at present, we are hoping for some soaking rain soon. All greens have been seeded and need rain to grow in and up. Fairway height is 4″ to prevent burning, greens are at 21/2″ waiting for rain to set the seed.

REMEMBER you are playing against your opponent, not the course and with conditions being equal between you and them conditions matter less than besting your opponent.

REMINDER  all play is reserved and attended except for lifetime players who may play unattended at their convenience without notice.

Let’s Play!