Smoking Policy

Smoking  has been a problem in past seasons. Cigarette butts and filters have been found littering the course, near the club house, in the parking area, and in the restroom. Additionally, there have been complaints of second hand smoke from some guests. Guidelines are now in effect in response to these issues.

Due to the non-biodegradable composition of cigarette filters and the litter effect of cigarette paper, cigarette smoking is not allowed on the course or property except in your personal vehicle which needs to be parked far enough away from other vehicles as to not allow your smoking to drift into another player’s car.

Every golf course allows cigar smoking on the course. In fact a very large number of cigars sold in this country are sold at golf courses. Cigars are also biodegradable, and do not come with the problem of filters or paper littering the course and property. With this in mind, and our focus on being a professional golf course environment, cigar smoking is allowed on the course. Cigars must be non-filtered/non-tipped and disposed of properly.

No smoking of cigars near players not in your group without the permission of other players and their guests, and no smoking in the parking area or restroom. Please dispose of cigar butts at the smoking table.

Please note that the new marijuana laws in Vermont are in regard to at home personal use and in public concealed personal possession and do not allow it’s use in public or private open to the public venues and therefore it’s use on our property is prohibited.

Additionally, please be aware that “pot” possession and use is only allowed in “personal dwellings” and that public use and possession is not “legal” it is only “decriminalized” and that users and possessors can be prosecuted civilly with fines from $500.00 – $2,000.

We are a family friendly recreation area with many minor children in attendance on a regular basis and therefore we must offer a “weed free” environment.