Behavior Guidelines

Please remember that you are a guest at and on the course, that the course is PRIVATE PROPERTY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC , NOT PUBLIC PROPERTY, and that your behavior must be acceptable to the owners, attendants and other guests and players.

No “colorful” language outside of your group, and all conversation must be at a level so as not spoken at a volume that can be heard by other players and be a distraction or offensive to them.

  • No horse play or any physical contact that would distract other players or offend them.
  • No carts or drinks on the greens.
  • All rules of polite golf apply. Fore all close balls, allow play through,etc.
  • Owners and or attendants reserve the right to refuse entry to the property for obvious policy violations and or previous violations and or previous ejections from the property, and to eject anyone from the property for any policy violations.
  • Automatic and permanent ejection will result from violation of the alcohol policy, disorderly conduct, and gross disrespect for our property, policies and other guest.
  • We DO NOT offer refund of any fees or costs paid by guests, and especially to ejected guests.
  • All players and gallery guests must cooperate with any and all local State and CDC  C19 guidelines in place on the date of play.