Ladies Learning Center

Brown’s River  has created  a Ladies Learning Center to meet the increasing demand for a relaxed atmosphere learning center for Ladies to learn to play golf.

Ladies have long (too long) been treated as second class players. At BRGC we are at the vanguard of the future of golf, and everyone is respected as equal, and therefore, Ladies can play with any length club, any color or compression of ball, and tee off at the same distance as any other player.

[We believe that in the not too distant future all golf play will be co-ed and the PGA and LPGA will, and should merge. The ladies are fast learners and great players, and it’s time they were allowed to prove they are equal on the course .]

  • Tuition is the cost of our regular season pass plus lesson fee.
  • The center offers entry level and advanced lessons, in a low stress, medium golf course setting.
  • Lessons can be private, or come learn with a friend or friends. We have all the equipment you need to learn and play available to you at no cost.
  • Ladies, here’s your chance to learn the GREATEST GAME at your own pace, at a great place.
  • Please go to our Photo Gallery page for photos of this activity.
Let’s Play!

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