Players, groups and families are allowed to take photos within their play set or group. Please avoid having players/persons outside your group in your photos. Any accidental photos of players and or guests need to have the permission of the person/s in the image or be deleted.  In today’s so called social media environment it is quite easy to post a photo that has someone in it that my cause harm by the posting.

Example: someone may be playing with someone that could cause a professional or domestic problem for them if a photo of them popped up on social media, or a golfer may be taking a “sick” day off  from work on a sunny day but they are seen on the web as feeling quite well on the course, or an inventive spouse that is seen on the course instead of at the shop having the oil changed in the family minivan. Please avoid having anyone in your photo frame that doesn’t know they are being photographed without permission.

ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOS AND OR AUDIO RECORDING AT HOLE 7. Hole 7 is our  spirits bar and as such all who enjoy this area have to be accorded the greatest privacy for their thoughts and expressions. Recording of anyone and anything at the bar is strictly prohibited.

We have an official course photographer that is responsible for the photos that appear in  our course calendar. All photos are with permission and thereby legally released for this purpose. If you would like to be in our calendar, or have photos you would like to be considered for the calendar please mention it to any of our course officials.