BRG in the Media

County Courier

Thursday, 10.24.13 Pg.8 Sports


by Ben Stoll

After 12 years as a private golf course, Brown’s River Golf Course in Fairfax opened it’s greens to the public this year.

As the season draws to a close on Nov. 1, owner and caretaker Harry Laughy reflected on the inaugural season.

Opening weekend, the course was under the water of the Brown’s River. The next six weekends were rained out. Even with a slow start the first season turned out well.

Golfers were able to come out on weekdays and the following weekends to enjoy the pleasant course. Also, during a regular season, Brown’s River held about seven tournaments; some were charity benefits.

The course in Fairfax is not on the same scale as other public golf courses in Bakersfield, Enosburg, Richford or Swanton.

Brown’s River is a 6-hole, 24 par, pitch/put medium course set on 20 acres. It is perfect for the beginner golfer or a short game course for an experienced player. Brown’s River gives free lessons and golf to children under 18 years of age. Other wise, golfing costs .25 cents per hole and 50 cents for hand cart rental.

Brown’s River also has a Ladies Learning Center where they offer entry level and advanced lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. “Golf teaches individual achievement” said Laughy, who has been involved in the sport for more than half a century in one way or another.

He’s done everything from washing and collecting balls, giving lessons, groundskeeper, to owning his own golf course. Now that he is retired, he has more time to dedicate to Brown’s River Golf course.

With his wife, Kathleen, Laughy also offers river volleyball and river horseshoe as well as river rafting. They also host family gatherings and weddings on the grounds.

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