Personal Appearance Policy

As we become more and more popular over the years, we find the need to to apply some personal appearance guidelines to the players on the course and their guests to effect a professional environment for all players to learn to play and continue to play in a professional environment as found on most all golf courses.

All clothing must be clean. No paint, grease, or food stains.

  • PLEASE try to wear a collared shirt. If you must wear a T-shirt (first visit?) the shirt must not advertise other golf courses,  have obscenities, nudity, or offensive phrasing and or political messaging . No halter tops or bikini tops.
  • Both men and women may wear slacks, presentable jeans (no rips, frays, holes or blotch or tie dyed,etc.) or shorts. Women can also wear a skirt or skort and men a traditional kilt.
  • All players must wear socks, and shoes, (golf shoes, or sneakers). No bare feet, no flip flops, sandals, and no work boots.
  • Hats are suggested as sun blockers and all advertising rules of shirts apply to hats also.
  • Tradition golf garb can be pretty outrageous. Baggy checked or plaid pants, loud shirts, and goofy shoes and hats have been a part of golf from the beginning and therefore are allowed on the course. Odd ball appearance is a traditional distraction practice and part of a golfer’s bag of strategy tricks.

Please remember that a lot of our players are just learning to play, and part of learning the game of golf is learning what is going to be expected of you on other courses you will play on. Personal appearance standards are in effect on most courses. You are not coming to a wedding, but you are not in your back yard either. Please dress accordingly.