Lesson fee is $20.00 per hour for a private lesson, 18 yrs. – 65 yrs. Enrolled Students and Seniors over 65 are offered beginner lessons at no cost, and reduced  lesson fees for advanced lessons.

Minimum age for lessons is dependent upon the student’s interest and maturity. Our youngest (serious) student was 4 years old. Our oldest (very serious) student was 92 years old.

*Group (more than two players) lessons (your group) are $25.00 per hour for up to three players at once, and $5.00 additional per player for all groups over three players. (max. of 6 players)

*Mixed group (you and other players unknown to you)  lessons are $25.00 per group up to three players and $5.00 each for additional player (up to six)

Club/Bag/Ball Rentals (when available) are at no cost for all ages and activities.. Lost BRGC ball fee of $1.00  applies.