Overall Notes


We will be adding new activities and expanding  and enhancing our facilities this coming season. We have researched, purchased and reviewed the latest Night Flyer golf balls and found that they are the best yet.  The balls are very bright, LED lit as soon as you strike them (stay bright for 15 min.) and can be seen flying over and on the course for a great distance. With trial play now over we are going to offer night golf in 19.

*New for 19, we have official staff  positions in place now to make play safe and fun.

Open positions will be available to all pass holders (offered by vote of the staff) and are as follows;

*Senior Course Rangers    *Senior Course Ambassadors   *Senior Course Strategist

*Course Security   *Course Alcohol Enforcement   *Course Probation Officer

*Course Rangers

Come learn to play, tune up your short game, or play regularly in our low/no cost, stress free environment.  Anyone can learn to play with our “it’s not as hard as you have heard” beginner lesson.

For our low season rate you get a great lesson and can play all season. You basically pay for a day by buying a season pass, and then you can play free all season!

Many new players have come, and many players are taking advantage of our comprehensive beginner lesson. Come see how much you don’t know about the game and learn the startup basics of how to play. Golf is much more enjoyable when you take a lesson and the ball goes where you want it to!

Our players are encouraged to join  the North (or South) team for some great tournament play and good fun.

Our “Happy Gilmore”  tournament begins continuous play on May 1st. This popular tournament will be in play until Nov. 1st. Entry fee is $5.00 under 18 , $10.00 over 18 and $5.00 over 65 yrs. of  maturity.

We have moved Hole # 1 Tee box across the access road for more yardage, and we have added a Welcome/Learning area to this box to get everyone comfortable with the course and have a beginner lesson.  More room at tee #1 will also allow more students to tee off together during group lessons.

*We are again offering public play this season. Public Day Pass is $10.00 per adult (play all day). No cost to students through grade 12. Day passes are good for attended play only (when the open flag is out) and cover just the holder. Public Day Passes can be turned in for 1/2 credit of cost paid  ($5.00 up to a total of $20.00) towards the cost of a 2019 Season Pass.

*SEASON PASS for 2019  is $40.00. Covers holder and (1) guest. Good for all hours of attended operation (when the open flag is out). NO UNATTENDED PLAY WITHOUT SPECIAL PERMISSION.  We are offering some discounts and specials. Please ask about these offers to see if you qualify for a reduced pass cost or can be allowed unattended play.

*Lifetime Pass is $100.00  Covers holder and their guests. Good for unlimited play during our operating hours. Any Season pass (any year/s) can be turned in for full cost credit towards a Life Time Pass. Limit (1) trade in.

*PASSES ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE, this limited offer is not available this season. A Day Pass/Season Pass/ or Life Time Pass holder must be present for their guest/s to play.

*Complimentary passes offered by staff are subject to purchased pass rules.

*OFF SEASON SPECIALS (good until May 1st 19)




*We are again operating this season as PUBLIC/PRIVATE to avail ourselves of certain rights, and choices as to guest’s rights.

*Private at Brown’s River Golf Course is defined as: all private players must purchase a Life Time Pass. Life Time pass holders may play at any time (during scheduled operating hours) with any number of players in their party (up to 8). Life Time passes do not cover group play of over 8 players.

*Hole Sponsorship (business and personal) fee is $60.00 for the entire 180 day season or minimum of $20.00 for 60 days or $40.00 for 90 days.

* Full season Sponsoring businesses receive a Season Pass that covers all their employees, family and friends up to 8 players at once.

  • Full season Personal Sponsors receive a Season Pass that covers them and family and friends up to 8 players at once.

*We reserve the right to limit the number of passes sold and held, the number of players on the course and to change services and fees without prior notice.

*The course is closed to the public when unattended. Public play is only allowed when the open flag is out. Greens fees of $10.00 per Day Pass apply to public play, and public play is for the purpose of the general public familiarizing themselves with the course and our policies. Day passes cover only the purchasing player.

*A professional beginner lesson is no cost with the purchase of a Season Pass. Day Pass lessons and advanced lessons are available for a cost of $20.00 per hour lesson and should also be scheduled in advance. Some walk in lessons may be possible when available.

* Please review our pages and information to update your knowledge and understanding of our policies.

Returning to Private/Public play has been a great success. We have welcomed back many great players, and welcomed many new players, as well as brought the Greatest Game to many new and returning students.

Please contact us for any information you can not find on this site at 802-752-6541.